1.    What are the demerits of using freeware software?

Every personal computer or organizational is in need of some good and working software. This requires serious investment. You have to be cautious however as you seek to venture into the usage of freeware software. I agree that there is genuine and software that you can use for your home or work computer. The world of freeware software has been clouded with bombardment of free ads that can contribute to the slowing down of your system. Moreover, once reputable and renowned software may stop operating and hence contribute to crippling of your system. Make sure that you are cautious enough so that you do not download viruses in the name of freeware software.

2.    Would you advocate for freeware software for use?

The information technology has been changing in the recent past thanks to some impeccable innovations by software developers and engineers. The beauty of open source and ad supported development combined with the competitive and generous spirit of some of the biggest names of software development. I would therefore urge one to use the freeware software since some are genuine and fast indeed. However, I highly advice you to exercise caution as you seek to install freeware software on your personal computer. The safety of your computer far outweighs the money that you can use to purchase that software that you are in dire need of. Take caution and let reason and research precede your search of software. Freeware software has been over advertised and it is almost becoming a norm amongst many owners of personal computers. Do not just get into the craze of using freeware software. Learn to be soul search and to do your own research as you seek to upgrade your personal computer. Failure to that, you might eventually slow down your machine instead of increasing the speed of information by your personal computer.

3.    Which is the freeware software that you would advice one to use?

I would not want to be an advocate of certain freeware software for you. This is because I do not want to be victimized that I advised on the use of certain software that later crushed your personal computer. Freeware software ranges from video processing software that really consumes a lot of memory of your hard disc. The choice of the software depends on the work you do, and your needs as a person. Make sure that your choice of freeware software is mainly backed up by the primary needs of the business that you do with your personal computer. However, if you are an organization, you need not go through the hustles and bustles of the untold pain that some of the freeware software causes. Your capacity allows you as an organization to purchase genuine software. I do not want to advertise for any company that has freeware software. You do not have to be a victim of counterfeit software. Please do your homework well and get the best software for your line of business.