I would like to start out by saying that I am not a software developer, but I am married to one. While you may think that does not make me qualified to discuss freeware and other software, I will respectfully disagree. For I have lived with the discussions of software for many years. Software has come to every dinner out, dinner in, it has been there on birthdays and vacations. For that reason, I feel like I am at least a little bit qualified to talk about software, including freeware. You don’t have to be able to program in Ruby on Rails in order to know what the most popular type of freeware out there is and why you should be cautious when you are looking at it.

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. We had the most extreme winters I have ever since lived in. You would know how far below zero the winters were by the sound of the crunch as you walked through the snow in winter. Your skin would burn when you were outside from the dry and harsh cold, something that is completely unfathomable to anyone who has not experienced it. Actually when I met my husband in sunny California, he said he dreamed of moving to Montana. I shut down that idea right away when I took him to visit my family there and have him experience the cold temperatures right away. It is a painful kind of cold and something I don’t much appreciate.


Of course, living in Sacramento was not much better. The summer heat was also intense and did not have the shade of the Rockies to help give you a break. It was there that I discovered that I would much rather have four seasons than have extreme heat or extreme cold. I am just not built for that kind of weather. For that reason, we moved to New Hampshire and immersed there. Of course New Hampshire thinks that they have mountains, which look like nothing when you compare them to the Rocky Mountains, but I have to be nice. Most people here have not seen the real mountains and how high up they go, so you really cannot be mean to them for that fact.

When I am not mocking the mountains of New Hampshire, I am a mom to my little pugglePoco, who is both a trouble maker and a great love. I will also be a mom to a human child in the near future, which should make things more interesting than questioning the type of dog parks I should be going to. I hope that I can guide my future offspring to download only safe software while my darling husband explains to them how to actually program the software. And who knows? Maybe the little guy will become a programmer for freeware himself. Or perhaps he will be any number of things. Regardless, my journey is only just beginning now.