Now that we are really looking at the different forms of freeware out there, let’s take a look at the best of the best. What is the most popular freeware that you can get? Do not forget of course that the most popular form of freeware is apps that you can use on smartphones and tablets, but this list is not just about that. We are going to look at all of the popular freeware and see what is being used and if you should consider using it too.

Some of these are useful for work while others are more useful for entertainment, but regardless many people have found them great to use in general.


  1. Facebook: Let’s start with the most popular social networking freeware that is out there today. You download the freeware app onto your phone or tablet. Naturally you can connect to Facebook through your internet browsers as well, but many people enjoy the simplicity of using the app in order to get on Facebook. Facebook is free to download and to use and has been enjoyed by people around the world.
  2. Gimp: Gimp is the freeware version of Photoshop. Pretty much, it can do anything that you would like to use Photoshop for, but it is entirely free. It’s admittedly not quite as user friendly as Photoshop, especially if you are used to Photoshop, but it does operate well and you cannot complain about the free price to use it.
  3. Google Chrome: This is by far the most downloaded internet browser. It is easy to use, not as cluttered as other browsers, and is pretty darned fast. Microsoft Edge has nothing on it.
  4. Windows Live Essentials: Windows Live Essentials is the Microsoft suite of freeware applications, including email, instant messaging, photo sharing, blogging, and more. For Windows users, it is a great freeware download.
  5. Microsoft Silverlight: Silverlight had gone on hiatus for a while, but is still being very much used. It is a freeware plug-in for your browser that will let interactive media operate, much like Java and Adobe Flash.
  6. Adobe Shockwave: Shockwave is a platform that will let people build interactive media apps as well as video games. It lets people who may not be pros build and create their own interactive media and it is freeware, which is pretty amazing.
  7. Firefox: I have told many people to avoid Firefox because it will slow down your computer while you are using it, but people continue to download it. Regardless, Mozilla is still alive and strong as people are still looking for alternatives to using Microsoft’s browser.
  8. iTunes: With the continued popularity of the iPhone, iTunes has also stayed strong as one of the most popular forms of freeware out there. It is easy to use on your phone and if you have saved to your desktop version, you can restore your phone in the event of a crash or when you get a new phone. Plus it is an easy way to organize all of your music.


9. Skype: If you wanted a free way to video chat with those who you love the most, then                Skype is an excellent choice. It has been around long enough that plenty of people around        the world and it is simple enough to use that it remains as one of the most popular                    freeware out there.

10. Pokémon Go: Of course this is still a unicorn and its popularity may wane in time, but at           the moment it is definitely one of the most popular freeware downloads. And as a perk,           you may get in some exercise while you use it.

Free software craze has hit the information technology world in the recent past especially due to the fact that companies have revolutionalized the way they offer their services. My name is Georgina. I am a software engineer by profession. I have been in the field for the past ten years, and I have seen it all as far as the provision of software is concerned. It is not business as usual in the technology. Time is gone when software used to be sold.

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