Freeware Software is a genre of computer programming without any copyright of specification and generally are small kind of applications whose source code is publicly available and are licenced to download, run and access at free of cost. Often confusing, there is a distinct difference between Free Software and Freeware Software. Free Software is the kind of software which are legalised to be used by the users in various way and purpose and most importantly, it can be updated or modified by the user but in the case of Freeware Software, though it is licenced to use at free of cost, users are not authorised to modify it. With the increasing importance of internet and software, the need of Freeware software is also increasing in leaps and bounds. But, with this massive and unprotected use of this kind of comparatively low-secured software, the risk factors are also increasing. Let’s put light upon some of them:

  • Free thing can turn out being the costliest: In general, freeware software is built with low-end security. So, there is much higher possibility to Computer-Hackercontain computer virus, worms, malware or Trojan Horses. They are at high possibility to bear some spyware or adware too. So, whenever you download this software in your computer, the foul codes can also trespass into your machine. Result? It can be the cause of the destruction of your entire treasure-house of data which you have built up since years. So, be aware before randomly downloading any software from the internet.
  • Botnet-attack: Botnet is a structure of computer protocol, with which all the connected computers can access the data of all the other computers included in the protocol with Command and Control system. They can communicate and share data with each other in this system. Downloading Freeware software can connect your computer with any network like this without your knowledge. Then, the creator of this botnet network with the help of Spyware, can easily access your password, data or any other personal information. You can start receiving spam e-mails too through botnet.
  • Click Fraud: PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the newest Advertising-Mantra for the online advertising world. PPC is a way of trade where the advertiser ppc-diagrampays to the website for broadcasting the ads on the particular site. With Freeware Software, you are at possibility of liking the pages or web links of some particular website and advertiser without your knowledge. In this way, the websites are using your computers and IP Addresses, to say computers of thousands like you in order to create false traffic. This trend of fraud is increasing day by day.
  • There is no such thing called free-gift: Nothing comes in our life absolutely free. We are to pay for any kind of favour and support we get in our life, may the pay be in a form of monitory, emotional or some other. When we are well-aware of this fact then why do we still get trapped by such online software who claim to protect our machine and data from any kind of virus and malware absolutely without any return? They turn up as ‘security software’. For most of the cases, this kind of software prove to be fraud. Sometimes they allure you to browse their web-pages or sometimes they are with a chunk of virus and malware to infect your local machine.

In spite of being aware of these risks, in order to run parallel with the emerging use of internet, technology and software, it is impossible for us to abandon altogether the process of downloading from internet. Therefore, to keep our computerized devices and the data saved in it safe and secured, we should protect our devices with authentic anti-virus software and above all, we need to grow our knowledge regarding cyber world and its flip side.

Free software craze has hit the information technology world in the recent past especially due to the fact that companies have revolutionalized the way they offer their services. My name is Georgina. I am a software engineer by profession. I have been in the field for the past ten years, and I have seen it all as far as the provision of software is concerned. It is not business as usual in the technology. Time is gone when software used to be sold.

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